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Preparing Your Car For Painting

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Preparing Your Car For PaintingCar paint has a variety of uses. One of those purposes includes protecting the paint from damage. Automotive paint used for exterior purposes is paint typically used for decorative purposes and protection. Water-based polyurethane paint is the most common paint for these reasons, as its protective properties include reducing the environmental

Understanding Car Spray Paint Finishes

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Understanding Car Spray Paint FinishesIf you wish to protect your vehicle from possible damage, you may want to consider car spray paint protection. A sprayer creates paint droplets which can be applied onto any surface. Especially if you're working outdoors, coat the exposed portion well using protective paint film to ensure your vehicle is suitable

How to Do Your Own BMW Paint Work

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The exterior of a BMW vehicle says a lot about its owner, and how well it was taken care of. You can almost bet any car that's been properly maintained and has a nice amount of bodywork maintained is also being treated with some high quality of paint. Depending on the size and condition of

Tips For Paint Jobs On Your Audi S3 8V Revo

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If you are in the market for some new Audi body work, no doubt you will be looking at a wide variety of different options. For some people, these new additions to the car mean something entirely different. For others, it is more about picking out the best features and for still others, it is

Tips For Matching Paint Colors

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Touch up paints are great for restoring a vehicle to its original look. There are many types of touch up paints available and they are great for restoring your vehicle to its original "like-new" appearance. They are very easy to use and apply, and once you get the hang of it you can touch up

Understanding The Different Types Of Car Paint Finishes

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Understanding The Different Types Of Car Paint FinishesCar paint has many applications and types. It is used to protect the body of a car from damage, to make the car look more attractive, and to improve its performance. Automotive paint is also used for decoration purposes, for instance on bumpers and wheels of high performance

Automotive Spray Paint – Two Options to Choose From

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Automotive Spray Paint - Two Options to Choose FromCar Spray Paint is very easy to use and comes in an infinite variety. You can paint on any sort of color to match your vehicle or give it a different look. You can even personalize your vehicle by adding lettering or symbols. It is a great

Why I Love BMW Paint Work

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BMW paint work can be very expensive, especially when you compare it to other cars of the same class. There are ways to reduce the costs and still get a great looking finish on your car. Here are some suggestions on saving money. Remember that your costs don't stop there, once you have finished painting

Advice on Finishing Your Audi Auto Paint Work

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For some people the words Audi and auto work are synonymous. They often associate it with loud music and loud emissions. In fact, all automobiles produce sound and paint is no exception. However, there are many different styles of Audi paint work to choose from. The first step is to determine what style you want.

Touch Up Paint Jobs For Your Vehicle

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The process of touch up paint is one that most people think about only when a vehicle has been damaged or has minor damage. Touch up paints are easy to apply and the repair can be done rather quickly, but the real question is, "Why?" Why would anyone do this? Well, there are several different