A lot of people ask me which is better Acrylic or Fiberglass for their Auto paint job, well if you really want to know the answer to that question then read on. Acrylic on Fiberglass: The battle rages on. There are so many theories out there on what is best. I like to do research on all my cars before I put them on the forecourt of my car showroom and I have always chosen acrylic over fiberglass.

I first came across thejac-in-a-box back in April of 2021 when I was recuperating from an operation at my local hospital. My doctor had given me an x-ray of my pelvis and asked me what I was planning to do with it. I told him that I wanted to remove swirl marks left behind by a particularly dirty and irritating auto repair shop technician that had worked on my car. It took a while to find out who it was but luckily I found the person and he was never allowed to do that to my car again.

It didn’t take long for the air flow to get clogged up in the carburetor and then the mechanic began to drip paint into the bore hole and then use his air hammer to blast away the excess. He told me that I had to remove the old factory windshield and get the new one replaced. That was fine but I had other ideas in mind and decided to put some sand paper on the top of the carburetor so that it would stop the water from getting in at that point. He did not know what to do as the sand paper was peeling paint away from the top of the carburetor.

He called me later that evening to check on the situation and I told him to take it off. I then removed the gasket and wheel cover and checked the condition of the paint. It was still chipped and I had to admit that it looked more like an auto glass repair than a new paint job. He explained to me that it was common for the air to get caught up in the gasket and that is why we use a special tool to help guide the water out.

I returned to the body shop and informed the owner that I was going to hire a contractor to do the work and he let me know that he could not guarantee that we would be able to see the finish result or that the new carburetor would look any better than the old one. I guess he was hoping that we would keep spending money on his services, but we did not. I gave him my money back and recommended that he contact Audi Auto Painting as soon as possible. Since my car was a write off, I really want to make sure that the job is properly done and that it looks good when we are all finished.

Audi recommends that you remove the seatbelt before cleaning the surfaces. I think that is a pretty good idea, but some people do not. If you take your seat belt off, I suggest that you use some form of a degreaser or something to take off the old sealant and then spray some automotive friendly cleaner onto the seats. You can use this cleaner to clean off any residual sealant and to make sure that the seats are completely clean and shiny. Once you have finished that, you can apply the new coating.

When I arrived at Audi, I noticed that the seats were painted a dark color. I was expecting to see a nice deep blue or black, but the seats were a very dark grayish color. The employees there were all wearing pinstripes, so I assumed that they were giving them as a uniform. They did give me a nice a professional and clean look, but I still could not figure out how all those pinstripes went together.

After a few hours of looking at the numbers on the dashboard (I am a very visual person) and trying to make sense of what was going on, I decided that it probably had to do with the carburetor. When you have a carburetor that is dirty, the metal of the carburetor will bunch up and create bubbles in the air. These bubbles are what causes the dirty sparkle. So, it made sense for them to be cleaning that part out.

It was much easier after I had cleaned out the carburetor. I removed the gasket, cleaned it, painted it, and then put everything back together. That day, my A Audi made an appearance on my garage floor. Now, you know how that story ends.