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Some Common BMW Paint Work Issues

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One of the most impressive effects BMW paint can have is a mirror picture of itself on the front fender of your car! This is actually one of the more popular 'do it yourself' options for those who wish to create an individualized look on their BMW. What you require is a bit of patience,

Tips to Remodel Your Audi Q7 Remote Control Car

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Many people don't realize that Audi paintwork also isn't necessarily going to look like just about any vehicle on the road. However, Audi paintwork has been out long enough for many people to be familiar with the brands. The colours are often very closely matched and it's not hard at all to locate a really

All You Need To Know About Touch Up Paint Systems

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Touch up paint jobs on older vehicles can be an excellent way to rejuvenate the look of your car without spending a lot of money. The process is simple and can greatly improve the appearance of any vehicle's exterior. All that is required is to find a good touch up paint kit that is designed

Car Paint Finishes Guide

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Car paint is a liquid paint applied to cars for both decoration and protection purposes. This article will provide you with some of the basics when it comes to car paint and the knowledge you need to know in order to properly apply it. Water-based acrylic (or water-and solvent-based) paint is the most common paint

Car Spray Paint – How to Make Auto Painting More Safe

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Car Spray Paint is a paint formulated to be used on a variety of materials and all-boys. The most common type of material to be painted with this product is aluminum but other metals and even wood can be coated. The various coatings can be made from any number of different chemicals depending on the

BMW Paint Work: How to Touch Up Your Vehicle’s Clear Coat

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The exterior of a vehicle says a lot about its owner, and BMW paint works justly. You can be pretty certain that any automobile that's been properly maintained and has a decent amount of bodywork intact has been adequately protected with a top quality of automotive paint. When your car is new, it'll come in