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How to Do a Car Spray Paint Job

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How to Do a Car Spray Paint JobDo you want some tips on how to have a professional looking finish on your car, or worried about your technique? Don't worry, we have you covered. Watch this free guide on spray painting a car properly and you will get a good finish right off the bat.

Car Body Work – A Guide To Finishing Your BMW

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While it is quite possible to find many sources of information regarding the topic of buying and maintaining your BMW paint work, not all of them are up to scratch. As such, we have compiled a small list of the main issues that can arise if you take your car in for paint and wax

What Is the Right Car for Your Needs?

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What Is the Right Car for Your Needs?An Audi paint job is a job that will not be completed quickly, but will give you an upgrade on the performance of your car. Audi paint is made from acrylic paints and it is more expensive than the normal paint work that you would see in cars

Selecting the Right One For Your Kitchen

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Selecting the Right One For Your KitchenIf you want to give your kitchen a great new face, or make it seem a little less boring, then there's a range of touch up paints that you can use. From your standard kitchen wall paint, to decorative patterns, they are perfect for both old and new kitchens

What Is Auto Paint and Why Do You Need It?

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Car paint has been used for more than a hundred years. It was first used on boats and ships, but it soon became popular for automobiles. This is because, at that time, cars were more expensive to buy than boats or even airplanes. This was because boats and airplanes were very costly to operate and

How to Finish Your Car Spray Paint Job

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How to Finish Your Car Spray Paint JobAre you concerned about your method of spraying paint on your car, or do you just want some tips on getting a better finish? Don't worry, here's some useful advice. Watch our guide below on how you can spray paint a car and get a good result first

Bmw Paint Work Tips

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It is easy to get carried away when you are looking for great Bmw paint work. If you want to make sure that everything is done properly, then you will need to follow some guidelines in order to achieve a great finish for your car. These are tips that will help you get started and

Audi Paint Work

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Audi Paint WorkWhen you decide that an Audi paint job is what you have been waiting for, you are not alone. The popularity of these cars has skyrocketed in recent years and so have their sales and profits. So there is a huge demand for the services and skills of those who can apply this

Touch Up Paint – A Great Way to Update Your Vehicle

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Touch Up Paint - A Great Way to Update Your VehicleTouch up paints are an important part of any car or truck's maintenance and care. For decades, paint companies have been putting their customers' car and truck trust in the hands of car and truck owners who don't seem to have any clue what to

Benefits of Car Paint

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Benefits of Car PaintCar paint has evolved significantly over the past few years, but a lot of people still don't know what it is or why it's so important. Car paint is any paint that's used on cars for both decoration and protection purposes. Water-based polyurethane (PA) enamel paint is now the most popular type