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How to Apply Touch Up Paint To Your Car

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How to Apply Touch Up Paint To Your CarIn this article I will try and look at some touch up paints, which I have used on my cars. Before we go any further, you should first be sure you know what kind of paint you have on your car. You can find some information on

Tips For Careful Car Painting

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Car paint has been used for many different purposes for decades. Today, it is mainly used for aesthetics to protect cars from weather damage, but there are other uses as well.Water-based acrylic water-based polyurethane automotive paint is the most commonly used automotive paint for aesthetic reasons including reducing the environmental impact of regular paint. Aromatic

What Type of Car Spray Paint is Best For a Car?

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Car spray paint is great for both the professional and the amateur. This kind of paint can be used on cars, trucks and even motorcycles.Spray paint is the most common kind. It is an oil based paint that comes in a tube. It is very easy to apply and the paint comes in several colors.

Touch Up Paint Tips

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When you see the difference in the paint, it's no surprise that touch up paints to make such a huge difference. When you're done painting a wall, you don't want to go back and redo it, so it's important to make sure that you finish properly. If you don't then it can be a real

What is New Car Paint?

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What is New Car Paint?Car paint has changed from being a "job" to something that makes your car stand out. A great way to add more style to your car is by adding a few color chips and using spray paint. Cars used to be made out of wood, which was the norm until the

BMW Paint Work – Driveway

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BMW paint work is a highly sought after job and can be rather difficult to come by. To a certain extent, this is because BMW dealerships keep this particular area of their business under such tight control that they are only willing to give the car owners access to small, exclusive territories. There are a

Things to Know About Audi Paint Work

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The only Audi paint work I've seen so far that isn't amazing is a red custom paint job on a Lotus Elise. But if you don't know how to go about getting it done, it's not the end of the world. Here are some things you should be aware of. One: In order to get